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Pellet Grills

Why Pellet Grilling is Here to Stay

Here are our top four reasons why pellet grills are crushing the market right now, and why we think they’re here to stay:

Legit Smart Controls 

Each pellet grill has digital temperature control settings built right into the hardware, and many also sync with an app you can download onto your smartphone. Right from the app, you monitor the temperature in the firepot, the ambient air temperature in the grill, and the internal temperature of the meat you’re cooking. You can keep an eye on your grilling via WiFi if you’re at home, or on the app if you have to make a quick beer run.

Fuel-Efficient & Cost-Efficient 

Grilling with wood pellets is cheaper and more fuel-efficient than either gas or charcoal grilling. According to our math, if you’re buying top-of-the-line wood pellets, you’re still only burning fuel in your pellet grill at a maximum of about 50¢/hour. 

Compare that rate to gas (and worse yet – charcoal!), and you’ll be amazed at the savings.

Easy, No-Fuss Grilling

Pellet grills make outdoor cooking so incredibly easy. All you need to do is set your temperature, hit “ignite” and give it ten minutes to fire up. Once it reaches your target temp, the grill’s onboard computer does all the monitoring for you. It’ll automatically adjust the fan speed and push pellets into the fire pot as needed. 

Flavor Experimentation

Wood pellets come in an awesome variety, so you can experiment with limitless smoky, woody, fruity, flavor combinations. 

If you’re into barbecue for the flavor — not the fuss — it’s the sharpest way to go. Grill up properly smoked meats and vegetables every time with none of the hassle.

If your interest is piqued, check out our collection of pellet grills. We can describe all the features and details, and share some useful tips from our own experiences.


1100 Eleventh Street | Rockford, IL 61104