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Find the Perfect Fireplace Here

We are the largest and most experienced supplier of fireplaces in the greater Rockford area and we carry the best products the fireplace industry has to offer. We supply brand names like Kingsman, Marquis, Empire, Dimplex, Modern Flames, Stûv, Heatilator, Travis, Mendota and Astria. The best part is that we have over 60 fully decorated and burning display units. This gives our customers the ability to visualize how any given fireplace will look in their home.


When you are looking for a fireplace at Benson’s, you also have the convenience of choosing what fuel you would like burn in your fireplace. The three major types are wood (logs or pellets), gas, or electricity. Nothing is quite as beautiful and cozy as a wood log fire, but they do require a little more attention. If convenience is what you are looking for, then gas or electricity would be the best choice. With the push of a button you have a fire!


If you already have an open-face, wood-burning fireplace that you would like to make more efficient, then an insert is an incredible option. Inserts use your existing fireplace box and chimney to create a much more viable and cost effective heat source without having to put your home under construction! Inserts can be wood burning or gas and both supply positive heat to your home.

Vent-free is another great option. This comes in the form of either a log set that you put into an existing wood burning fireplace and burn with the damper closed, or a vent-free firebox that can be built into a wall or corner of your home. These fireplaces are gas only and are tested to very high standards so that they can operate without the need for any kind of pipe or chimney venting! All of the gas that comes through the line is completely used up by the fire. This means that every time you turn on your fireplace you are gaining all positive heat into your home and making it so that your furnace doesn’t have to work as hard. Gas, whether vent-free or vented, is a very cost effective option. Running one of these units only costs about .15 to .50 cents per hour.

Facings and Surrounds

The facing or surround of a fireplace is a very important topic to consider when getting a new fireplace or updating an old one. The facing consists of the material around the fireplace like brick, stone or granite to name a few. You can also decide if you would like a hearth and/or a mantel to further decorate your fireplace. The nice thing about new facing materials is that they can take an existing fireplace and make it look new and beautiful without having to actually buy a new fireplace.

1100 Eleventh Street | Rockford, IL 61104