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Fireplaces in Rockford, IL

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you walk into a room that has a beautiful fireplace. Fireplaces are like comfort food for your soul. They serve as a natural focal point in any room, they increase the value of your home, and they can provide a good amount of heat during cold weather.

Benson Stone is the largest and most experienced supplier of fireplaces in the greater Rockford area, and we carry the best products the fireplace industry has to offer.

We have more than 60 fully decorated and burning display units in our showroom, which give our customers the ability to visualize how any given fireplace will look in their home.

Benson Stone offers several different types of fireplaces, and you can rely on our expert sales staff to advise you on the best choice for your home. We have decades of valuable experience with:

Wood-Burning Fireplaces: Nothing is quite as beautiful and cozy as a traditional wood log fire, but they do require more attention and maintenance. A wood-burning fireplace is perfect for a homeowner who loves the traditional process of chopping wood, building a fire, and tending it through the evening.

Gas Fireplaces: A gas fireplace is much simpler to maintain than a wood-burning fireplace and, with a well-placed gas log set, it can look very realistic as well. Homeowners love the convenience of a gas fireplace, which can be easily managed with a remote control.

Electric Fireplaces: An electric fireplace is perfect for someone who loves the crackle and glow of a fire, but doesn’t want to fuss with complicated installation or maintenance. An electric fireplace can put off some heat, but not very much, so this option is more for aesthetics than for actually heating your home.

Fireplace Facing and Surrounds

The experts at Benson Stone will help you design the perfect facing for your fireplace, whether you’re installing a new unit or remodeling an old one. With a variety of unique brick & stone, granite and tile, all right here in the store, as well as a huge selection of options for your hearth and mantel, coordinating your entire project will be a piece of cake!

What to expect

You’ll start by walking into the Benson Stone showroom and looking around. Our sales associates will talk to you about your room situation and discuss your options. We’ll show you our floor models and additional options in our catalogs, and once you decide what you want, we can give you a quote that same day. When you’re ready to move forward, we will visit your house to measure and make sure your chosen fireplace will fit in the space. Then, we’ll schedule our expert installers to come out and make your fireplace dreams a reality!

Below are a few samples of fireplaces that our Benson Stone team has installed in customers’ homes.

Please visit our showroom to explore what types of fireplaces may be right for you.

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