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There’s no doubt about it—cabinetry is one of the more expensive aspects of a kitchen remodel.

But when you find the right cabinets for your lifestyle, they can add so much to a kitchen. Cabinets can be warm and homey, sleek and elegant, rugged and outdoorsy, and everything in between. In the cabinet store at Benson Stone in Rockford, IL, we take the time to talk with you about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of cabinetry, and explain the decisions you will need to make during the process. For example, you will need to decide whether you want framed cabinets, with a frame built around the outer edge of the cabinet box, or frameless cabinets, which offer a little more accessibility. You will also want to choose the joinery methods used to attach the pieces of wood together. 

Benson Stone has cabinetry for every budget, with a wide selection of wood species and options that are painted or stained. Our kitchen designers will work with you to coordinate every aspect of your remodel project, including countertops, vanity tops, floors, and sinks and faucets. Then, our expert installers will come to your house and take you from “before” to “after.” 

Kitchen Cabinet maintenance

Once your cabinets are installed, you will want to keep them in pristine condition for as long as possible. When cleaning, use soft cloths that are lint-free and non-abrasive cleaning solutions. Use baking soda for difficult stains, but always remember to wipe your cabinets completely dry after cleaning them—moisture can destroy the finish.

What to expect

Our kitchen designers will walk you through your remodel project from start to finish. You’ll start by making an appointment here in our cabinet store to look at styles and options. Our designer will create a plan and release to it to you for a design deposit, which will be applied to your project should you decide to move forward with Benson Stone. We will coordinate all aspects of the design process and install, including handling all claims and issues in-house.

Below are a few samples of cabinetry styles we have available in the cabinet store at Benson Stone in Rockford, IL.

To learn more about how you can add cabinets to your kitchen or bathroom, make an appointment by calling (779) 210-3447.

Bathroom & Kitchen Cabinet Examples:

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