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before after fireplace shotFireplace Makeover

If you are happy with the functionality of your fireplace but unhappy with the way it looks, then all you have to do is come to Benson Stone. We can totally reinvent your existing fireplace and make it look however you wish! We can replace the surrounding materials with any kind of brick, stone, granite, or tile. We can also add a mantel and hearth or replace your old doors with new. We can even put in a new log set if the ones you have don’t look as good as they once did. The possibilities are almost endless. Come to Benson Stone and look at all of our fully operating displays to see the types of options that are available to you!


We provide a wide range of services when it comes to fireplaces and freestanding stoves. For example, our talented installers can put a new unit in your home or convert a wood burning fireplace to gas. They can also do service calls on your existing unit if something isn’t working quite right or if it just needs to be cleaned and maintained.

1100 Eleventh Street | Rockford, IL 61104