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Area Rugs

Area Rugs for Every Room

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There are so many types of area rugs available for living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms the sheer volume of choices can feel overwhelming. At Benson Stone in Rockford, IL, we can break down the advantages and disadvantages of each type of rug and help you decide what might be the best choice for you. Our options include:

  • Wool rugs
  • Jute and bamboo rugs
  • Leather, hide and sheepskin rugs
  • Faux fur rugs
  • Polypropylene rugs
  • Microfiber/polyester rugs

Our rugs vary widely in price, starting with 5×8 rug for $150 and increasing from there. When you start exploring your options, you’ll work with a salesperson who can help you decide what style you want. 

Area rugs maintenance

Rug maintenance largely depends on the type of material from which the rug is made. Generally, you should be vacuuming your rug at least once a week.

What to expect with your area rugs

Below are a few samples of rugs we have available at Benson Stone in Rockford, IL.

Please visit our showroom to explore what rug may be right for you.

Area Rug Examples:


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