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BedHow to Choose the Best Bed

When it comes time to choose a new bed for your home, the options can quickly turn from exciting to overwhelming. Use this simple guide to help you get started on the right foot. Your furniture shopping journey will be a piece of cake! 

Prioritize Quality 

It’s is very important to recognize the signs of high quality construction. Solid wood is always more reliable than particle board, and it’s usually much heavier as well. Particle boards may be covered in a thin veneer to imitate solid wood, so be sure to check from every possible angle to find any seams that would indicate a cheap wood veneer. You can also inspect the joint construction to make sure they’re made with dowels or dovetail joints, instead of flimsy staples or screws. 

It is incredibly challenging to try to judge all of these features based on product photos alone, so we always recommend that you see and feel your new bed in person before you buy. Shopping online is often convenient, but when it comes to large investments like furniture, it is best to evaluate the product in real life, in a furniture showroom. 

In the furniture gallery at Benson Stone, providing dependable, high-quality furniture is our top priority. A cheap bed may look great at first glance, but, before long, you’ll find it starting to chip, squeak, wobble, or even break down on you. Here, we only carry beds from reputable brands that we’d be proud to recommend to our own family and friends. So, you’ll find out how, for just a little more, you’ll bring home a bed that will last in your family for years to come. 

BedFind Your Favorite Bed Style 

Our furniture showroom at Benson Stone features a broad selection of beds, from traditional to contemporary, and everything in-between. You’ll find these popular styles in our gallery: 

Platform Bed doesn’t require a box spring underneath the mattress, because the bed frame provides a flat, supportive platform for your mattress to rest upon. Platform beds also often include drawers or cabinets, to create more storage space. 

Canopy Bed or Four Poster Bed is just like a four-poster bed, but the posts hold up a railing frame at the top which holds fabric drapes for a luxurious design. This style is perfect to give a room a flare of glamor. 

Sleigh Bed has a curved headboard and footboard, which resemble the curves of an old-fashioned snow sleigh. Despite the antique inspiration, the sleigh bed is a timelessly romantic design that’s always in style. 

Upholstered Bed is a very popular style, since the headboard provides a comfortable support for sitting up and reading or watching TV in bed. Velvet, linen, cotton, leather, and tweed all make a great choice for upholstery. 

Youth Bed These come in a few different sizes, from baby cribs, to toddler beds, to youth size twin beds. Many models are convertible, to adapt to your child’s needs as they grow. They often include railings, storage compartments, and adjustable heights. Many parents are also interested in loft beds, to provide extra space for studying and playing, or bunk beds, to make sleeping space for two children. 

BedMeasure Your Bedroom 

Before you finalize your purchase, be sure to check the measurements of your room. Consider the placement of doors, windows, and all of the other furniture. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of space to walk around the room. Our furniture designers will help you plan the layout of the room. They will also help you decide whether a twin, full, queen, or king size is the best choice.

View our wide selection of beds here.

1100 Eleventh Street | Rockford, IL 61104