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Sectional Sofas

Sectional Sofas

Choosing the Right Sectional for Your Home

At Benson Stone Co, we know that quality construction is the number one thing you look for when you’re choosing a new sectional sofa. Our showroom features dozens of reputable brands at a wide range of price points. So, whether you’re looking for an entry-level sofa for your starter home, or the best quality leather sectional that money can buy, we’ve got options for you! Even our starter brand sectionals are built in the USA, so you’re sure to find quality at every price point when you shop at Benson Stone Co.

Your Style

Here in the Midwest, homeowners enjoy a variety of different design styles in their homes. If your home has a traditional style, you may be interested in a traditional style sectional with rolled arms, nailhead trim, and perhaps ornate wooden legs or trim. A more contemporary sectional sofa with track arms and would fit nicely in a modern home. These often include angled, boxy shapes instead of the traditional curved outline.

A transitional style home generally includes a mix of different styles, so if this is the look you’re going for you may choose a simple, clean design with a couple subtle embellishments on your sectional. We offer all of these styles and more, including rustic, mid century modern, luxury tufted, and classic farmhouse. 

Different Sectional Shapes and Functions

In addition to styles, sectionals come in many different shapes as well. A sectional may include an L-shape, a U-shape, or a chaise on either side. Modular styles are rearrangeable, so you can separate the individual pieces and rearrange them as you see fit. 

A pull-out sectional is a great choice for hosting guests. Some pull-outs have inflatable air mattresses, and some have a foam mattress. Although pull-out beds historically have a reputation for being uncomfortable, today’s models are just as comfortable and supportive as a normal bed, so your guests will be able to rest and relax during their stay.

Reclining sectionals are another very popular choice, since they allow you to lean back, kick your feet up, and relax in your living room. We carry power reclining sectionals from popular brands like Flexsteel, and many customers consider these the ultimate in comfort for their families and their guests. 

High Quality Sectionals 

Quality construction is the number one most important consideration when you’re choosing your new sectional. It’s a big decision and a big investment, so you want to be sure that your new furniture isn’t going to start sagging, squeaking, tearing, or coming apart after only a few months.

At Benson Stone, we specialize in providing great deals on quality brands that are crafted with care in the United States. Many of the big chain stores cut corners, and overcharge on sectionals that were poorly built with inferior materials. There are several things to look for to be sure that you’re getting a model that’s going to last in your family for years to come. 

For one, ensure that your sectional sofa was built with hardwood, and not particle board. You’ll also want to ask about the suspension, and ensure that it’s got strong metal coils in the base instead of flimsy ones. The layers of foam, down, and filler in the cushions should also be considered.

A knowledgeable furniture sales rep will be able to answer all of these questions for you. We can demonstrate which models in their showroom are of superior construction. At Benson Stone, we offer sectionals at a wide range of price points. We make sure all of them have met our criteria for the level of quality that we would recommend.

Take it for a Test Drive

Finally, just like when you’re shopping for a new car, be sure to take your sectional for a test drive. Online shopping is common these days, but of course you always run the risk of ending up with a sectional that just doesn’t sit right. That’s why it’s really important to try out the sectional in person, instead of relying on looks alone. When you’re touring the showroom, feel free to lean back, or even lie down if you enjoy napping on your sectional couch.

Think about whether you prefer firm cushions for a formal-feeling sitting room. Or if you’d like deep, luxurious cushions that are more suitable for casual lounging. Take note of any slipping, gapping, or lopsided support when you sit down. Ask your sales consultant to show you their most comfortable models first!

Taking Proper Measurements

Before you finalize your order for your new sectional, be sure to measure your room to ensure that it will fit in properly. Measure the width and height of your doorways and hallways as well, to make sure that you’ll be able to get your sectional into the house. Also make note of any permanent fixtures that you don’t want to block, like radiators, built-in cabinetry, and other structural elements. 

If you’d like help in designing the layout of your room, consult one of our furniture design experts. They can help you customize your sectional and the rest of your furniture to fit your style, your budget, and the layout of your room. 

Sectional Upholstery Choices 

We have hundreds of upholstery choices available at Benson Stone, since almost all of our sectionals and couches are customizable. Each brand offers its own gallery of upholstery choices, and the samples are on display here in our showroom. When it comes to colors, many customers choose a simple, solid color sectional couch, and dress it up with patterned or colorful throw pillows, ottoman, or accent chair. But a modern style home may also feature a bright pop of color on the sectional! The sky’s the limit, and your home is the place you can really let your creativity shine. But if you’d like to have help coordinating your patterns and colors, you can always rely on our talented furniture designers. 

We feature a wide variety of materials for your upholstery. Leather is a very popular choice, since it’s so luxurious and durable. A fine leather sectional can easily outlast a fabric one, both in terms of style and function. However, furniture manufacturers have made tremendous progress in the past few years in developing wear-resistant fabrics. 

Other popular materials include linen, cotton, tweed, velvet or velour, wool, and many different types of synthetic fabrics. If you have a high-traffic home, you may want to consider slip-covered upholstery which can be removed and washed.

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Our Design Consultant did a fantastic job of helping me choose and order my custom furniture – what a great person to work with. Thanks to her, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Benson Stone is an excellent place to buy furniture. It’s the first place I mention when friends and family ask for a good place to purchase quality furniture.Karen J.

Bought a beautiful couch and oversized chair. As a first time homeowner, they were easy to shop the store and got all my questions answered - ask for Cynthia! I would definitely recommend this company. A. Larson

We enjoy doing business with Benson Stone Company. We recently purchased a dining room set, a corner desk set, a couch, ottoman and 2 chairs. The sales group and delivery personnel are all friendly and helpful. I recommend Benson Stone to all who have not yet experienced their wonderful store and warm people.John S.

We were very, very pleased with Benson Stone services. Staff was helpful in just the right way! Not intrusive and/or overly attentive. Perfect! The gentlemen who delivered our furniture were gentle with our purchase and careful with our home. It was a wonderful experience. I would recommend Benson Stone with five stars and more.