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Stone Kitchen Counters

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Natural stone countertops add to the class and beauty of any kitchen.

They last a lifetime and can endure spills and stains that might damage other materials. Even when you forget to use a cutting board and accidentally slice the countertop with a knife, natural stone usually doesn’t show a mark. No two slabs are alike, which means your kitchen will be yours and yours alone. Benson Stone has dozens of different stone types and styles available, which can be custom cut to fit your kitchen’s unique needs.

Benson Stone Company has been crafting stone since 1930 and is by far the most experienced and technologically advanced shop in the Rockford, IL, area. We have a full line of stone countertops, including granite, that is second to none, ranging in price from $45 to $110 per square foot (the price includes the product, measure and installation). When you shop with us, our kitchen designers will work with you to coordinate every aspect of your remodel project, including cabinets, floors, and sinks and faucets. Then, our expert installers will come to your house and take you from “before” to “after.”

Stone countertops maintenance

In order to keep your stone kitchen countertops looking like new, you first will want to make sure they are properly sealed. You can check this by spilling a small amount of water on the surface, letting it sit, then wiping it up. If there is a darker spot where the water was, it’s time to reseal the surface. For day-to-day cleaning, avoid dish soap and glass cleaner—instead, use a stone-safe cleaner.

What to expect

Our kitchen designers will walk you through your remodel project from start to finish. You’ll start by making an in-store appointment to look at styles and options. Our designer will create a plan and release to it to you for a design deposit, which will be applied to your project should you decide to move forward with Benson Stone. We will coordinate all aspects of the design process and install, including handling all claims and issues in-house.

Below are a few samples of stone countertops we have installed at Benson Stone in Rockford, IL.

To learn more about how you can add stone countertops to your kitchen, make an appointment by calling (779) 210-3447.

Stone Kitchen Counter Examples:


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