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Paving Brick

Paving Brick for Beautiful Patios and Driveways

At Benson Stone, you’ll find nearly any size, shape, color, style and pattern of pavers you could ever want! From the classic 4″ x 8″ rectangular bricks, to paving brick that looks like natural flagstone or slate, you’ll find it here. Concrete pavers are a beautiful and durable product that can be used for patios, walkways or even driveways. Choose from our extensive collection of styles from the best manufacturers: Unilock, Rochester Concrete, Silver Creek Stoneworks, Pine Hall Brick, and County Materials.



For more selections from Unilock come see our showroom in Rockford, IL or visit Unilock.com!

Silver Creek Stoneworks

For more selections from Silver Creek come see our showroom in Rockford, IL or visit Silvercreeksw.com!



1100 Eleventh Street | Rockford, IL 61104