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retaining wall stone and steps

Build a Strong Retaining Wall

Benson Stone has everything you need to build a sturdy retaining wall. With both natural and man-made options, we have the area’s largest selection of products to create the look you’ve been dreaming of. Reach out to our expert team to get started!

Natural vs. Manufactured Stone

Our natural stone is quarried directly out of the earth, and has an authentic look that will last a lifetime. It comes in a wide variety of naturally-occurring colors, including whites, greys, tans, beiges, and oranges. Natural stone is less porous, and less likely to weather significantly over time. It’s also less likely to fade in direct sunlight.

Manufactured wall stone and steps are lighter weight, more uniform, and therefor easier to install. They’re also generally the more economical option. They can provide a neat and tidy look, as opposed to the more organic look of natural stone, and they can be made to resemble dozens of different natural styles, both in color and texture.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a hardscape structure that is built to literally retain a layer of soil, and create a multi-level look in your home landscape. Our team generally advises that homeowners hire an experienced landscape contractor to complete a retaining wall project. Unlike a simple patio or fire pit, a retaining wall is a complex structural project which requires a good deal of physics and engineering. Our team will put you in touch with one of our trusted landscape contractors to ensure that your wall will stand strong for years to come.

Freestanding Wall

A freestanding wall will generally be designed to enclose a patio, a garden, or a pool. Some are only a couple feet tall, to add a sense of structure to your home landscape, and some are built to reach over your head, to create a private courtyard.

Wall Caps & Coping

Use coping to give your hardscape wall a more finished look. These are smooth, even stones which are added to the top of the walls & pillars to protect the wall from rainfall.

Landscape Steps

Gain easy access to more of your yard by installing landscape steps down hills and slopes. They also add interest and to the overall design of your yard. Again, landscape steps can be built out of either natural stone or manufactured stone.

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