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5 Questions to Find Your Best-Fitting Mattress

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I’m so proud to share that our mattress gallery has a fully refreshed line-up this spring, with brand new options that you’re going to love! Your mattress has a huge impact on your overall health and well-being, so we take special care in matching you with your perfect style. To get started choosing your new mattress, I always recommend that you ask yourself these five questions…

1. What position do I sleep in?

You want to choose the mattress that will give you the best comfort and support in your dominant sleeping position. Side sleepers often need pressure relief at the shoulders, hips, and knees, so memory foam or pillow-top mattresses are usually a good fit. Back sleepers benefit from good lumbar support, while stomach sleepers need a firm mattress for proper alignment. Many of us are combination sleepers, so a hybrid or latex mattresses offers a good balance.

2. What style fits my body type?

Just like your sleep position, you’ll want a mattress that will fit your body weight and shape most comfortably. If you have a slender frame, you may benefit from a soft mattress. If your build is larger, a firm option will offer additional support. If you have a curvy shape, a zoned support mattress like this one can offer targeted pressure relief. 

And if you and your partner are suited to different mattress types, fear not! We offer a split king option, so each of you can choose the style that fits you best. 

3. Would I benefit from a power mattress base?

My customers of all ages enjoy the many benefits of adjustable power bases. You can raise the head to help alleviate common sinus or breathing issues, or just to read or watch TV in bed. Lift the legs to improve circulation and relieve pressure on your lower back and hips.

Again, these come in a split king model, so you and your partner can adjust your power bases independently.

4. Do I get too hot at night?

Do you wake up covered in sweat? Mattress materials can significantly impact your sleep temperature. If you sleep hot, consider a mattress with cooling features like gel-infused memory foam or a breathable top layer. Whether you prefer an innerspring or memory foam mattress, you’ll find that the newer models we have on display here in our showroom will help regulate body temperature so you can sleep longer and more comfortably.

5. What’s my budget?

Here at Benson Stone Company, we offer mattresses in a wide price range, from budget-friendly options to luxury models. As you’re shopping, keep in mind that all of the mattresses in our showroom are price locked by the manufacturers, so you’re guaranteed the lowest possible market pricing. We also offer financing options

Remember, a good mattress is an investment in your health and happiness, so be sure to prioritize quality in your budget.

Embrace the test drive!

Finally, I highly encourage you to try out the different mattresses in the store before you buy. And not just a quick sit! Go ahead and spend 10 minutes on each mattress, relax in your usual sleeping positions, and try out the power bases. 

You’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect mattress and base combo. 

Have questions? We’ve got answers. Don’t be shy about seeking detailed guidance from your salesperson – that’s what we’re here for!

Thank you for reading,

Jenine Clapper
Furniture Design Consultant
Benson Stone Company