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Warm Floors, Warm Heart: Heated Floors for Your Home

pets sleeping on heated floors

Have you ever considered heated floors for your home?

As flooring consultants, we see the transformative power of beautiful floors every day. But some transformations go beyond looks. 

Imagine getting out of bed on a chilly morning or stepping out of the shower onto a warm, heated floor. Heated floors create a sense of comfort and coziness that’s beyond compare, and they can be a remarkably efficient way to heat your home.

At Benson Stone Company, we use DITRA-HEAT systems and, honestly, they make heated floors more convenient than ever. 

The electric heat cables integrate with the orange uncoupling membrane, creating a stable foundation for your flooring. This prevents cracks and grout damage and also ensures even heat distribution. Plus, it has a low-profile, adding a minimal ¼” height to your floor, so it’s ideal for home remodel projects. 

Once installed, you’ll be able to easily adjust the temperature of your floors with a wall thermostat!

Heated flooring works best with tile, since porcelain, ceramic, and stone conduct and retain heat so well. You can also use it with laminate or luxury vinyl flooring, but you won’t get quite as much heat through those. Also note, vinyl and laminate will have heat limits, generally around 80°F. 

We’re here to help you create a cozy, comfortable home. Heated floors add a touch of luxury and warmth that starts from the ground up.

Reach out today, and let’s talk about how we can make the most of your home this spring!