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Fire Pits

Create the perfect back yard lounge with a new fire pit! Pull up a patio chair and enjoy the fresh air all year round in your own little slice of heaven. Our epic showroom at Benson Stone Co offers a huge variety of custom and pre-built fire pit options at the lowest price, guaranteed!

Types of Fire Pits

Freestanding A freestanding fire pit is the simplest option. It requires little to no set-up or installation. Just unpack it and set it down in your yard or on your patio. If you have a wooden deck, be sure to place your fire pit on a slab of fire-proof stone. Our experts can help you order one from our granite shop. Breeo makes a smokeless freestanding model. It’s specially insulated to burn up all the smoke, so none of it escapes into the air.

Built-in A built-in fire pit requires more labor and planning, but the results are absolutely stunning. Come brands offer pre-designed kits, but you also have the option to design a totally unique custom built-in fire pit. We carry brick, stone, tile, granite, and more and our team of experts can help you create the perfect look.

Wood-burning vs. Gas A free-standing fire pit will usually be wood-burning, but a built-in could be burn either wood or gas. Wood is more traditional, and the best choice if you love the crackle, glow, and unmistakable scent of live burning logs. Gas is better for sheer convenience, since you can get a perfect flame flickering at the press of a button.

To learn more about adding a new fire pit to your landscape project, call our experts at (779) 210-3439.

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