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Jotul freestanding stove option sold at Benson Stone in Rockford IL

Cozy Freestanding Stoves

Freestanding heating stoves are one of the most economical ways to heat a home. Unlike fireplaces, which need to be in a specific location in your house, a freestanding stove can be located virtually anywhere. At Benson Stone in Rockford, IL, our sales associates have many years of experience, so we can help you choose the perfect stove for your home.

We offer four different kinds of freestanding heating stoves:

Gas stove – For this kind of stove, you will need to have a gas line to feed the fire and a chimney to vent out the exhaust. Our experts will work with you to determine the best way to install both of these necessities.

Wood stove – You will need to have a hearth pad, which is a section of fireproof material, to place beneath a wood stove. You also will have to determine what size chimney you need.

Electric stove – This is perhaps the easiest type of stove to install—all you need is an electric outlet.

Pellet stove – A pellet stove burns biomass pellets to create heat. It uses a specially sealed exhaust pipe to prevent gases from escaping into the living area.

What to expect

You’ll start by walking into the Benson Stone showroom and looking around. Our sales associates will talk to you about your room situation and discuss your options. We’ll show you our floor models and additional options in our catalogs, and once you decide what you want, we can give you a quote that same day. When you’re ready to move forward, we will come out to your house to measure. Then, we’ll schedule our expert installers to come out and install your freestanding heating stove.

Please visit our showroom to explore what types of stoves may be right for you.

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