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Design Assistance

Expert Flooring Designers

There are so many types, styles, brands and colors of flooring in the flooring store at Benson Stone in Rockford, IL. So choosing the perfect material for your home can seem overwhelming. Our expert flooring designer team is here for you, and will help you decide the type of flooring that will go best in every room of your home.


Working with Benson Stone expert designers

When you walk into our showroom, you can take as much time as you like to check out our different flooring options. Any of our talented sales associates can assist you with your flooring selection and purchase. But if you’d like to have more extensive design help, they will connect you with one of our expert flooring designers. Our designers will guide you in choosing the perfect flooring to fit your home, both practically and aesthetically.

A flooring designer can make great recommendations just based on photos of your room, and that in-store service is complimentary to you. But if you’d prefer, we can schedule an in-home consultation to choose the perfect flooring color, texture and finish. There is a fee for in-home visits.

Your flooring designer will help you narrow down your options, and choose the best fit for your home. The designer will arrange for our flooring measurer to visit your home to get precise flooring measurements, and then we’ll give you a quote. To get the installation started, we’ll collect a downpayment on the project. You are also invited to take advantage of Benson Stone’s special financing. The designer will order your product, and when it comes in, they will arrange for a flawless installation by our own in-house flooring installation team. If you already have your own contractor or installers lined up, we will simply have the flooring delivered to your home.

Benson Stone offers a huge variety of flooring styles and brands, more than any other flooring stores in the area. We feature a wide selection of hardwood, luxury vinyl, carpet and tile in countless colors and textures. With all these choices, finding the perfect flooring for your home can seem like a confusing project. Don’t you worry! We provide our customers with talented and experienced flooring designers to help you through the project, every step of the way!

Tips from our flooring designers

  1. Figure out how you will be using the space. It is a child’s room? Is it a high-traffic area? Will there be moisture in the room, or extreme heat or cold? Do you have pets? Function should drive your selection.
  2. Consider the feeling you want in your room. Do you prefer warm and homey or sleek and elegant? Rustic farmhouse, or something more modern? Do a little research ahead of time, and maybe bring in some photos of other rooms and flooring styles that you like.
  3. Continuous flooring will make your home feel larger. Consistent flooring that blends from one room to the next can help to make your home feel more spacious and airy. This is a good trick for an open floor plan design.

Come to Benson Stone in Rockford, IL, for all your flooring needs!

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