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flagstone garden path

Flagstone Patios and Walkways

Flagstone and steppers are great options for building a unique patio or a walkway for your home. We have a huge selection of each in our landscape yards here at Benson Stone Co in Rockford. Here, you’ll find a full range of professional-grade materials, which are available to both landscape contractors and homeowners.

Flagstone is a generic term for a sedimentary flat stone, which has naturally split into layers along rock bed planes. They are most often used in landscaping design to create a walkway, pad, or patio. Common flagstone colors include buff, tan, and orange. Many homeowners prefer the rustic, irregular look of these natural flat stones over paving brick, which has a neater, more uniform appearance. The stones are arranged to fit together like a puzzle, creating an interesting, organic look in your landscape design. Natural stone also has a rougher texture, making it more slip-proof on a rainy day.

Flagstone vs. Steppers

The only difference between the two is size. Flagstone can range from 2-5 feet long, or sometimes more. Steppers are smaller, measuring up to a maximum 18 inches long.

All of our products are available for pickup from our yard; otherwise, a delivery can be arranged for a time that suits your needs. For more info, please feel free to reach out to our landscape team on their direct line: (779) 210-3442

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