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Stories From Our Flooring Installers

flooring installers laying tile in rockford, il

We’re truly blessed to have such experienced, dedicated flooring installers on the team here at Benson Stone. It makes a world of difference to have respectful, reliable craftsmen working on your project – especially when they’re working right in your home.

We caught up with a few of them this week, and asked them to share stories from some of their most impressive jobs. 

Just wait till you read these…

Puzzle Pieces

“We worked in a Roscoe home where the owners wanted to install hardwood plank boards alongside the existing tile in their kitchen. But instead of putting a T-mold border over the transition, they wanted the individual pieces of tile and wood fit together like puzzle pieces. And that wasn’t the trickiest part! The tile was also thicker than the wood they chose, so it didn’t lay at the same level on the floor. So what could we do? We had to problem solve. We took wooden shims and meticulously custom cut each one of them to make the hardwood planks thicker so they’d be level. It was very challenging to get everything flush, but it turned out flawless and it looked really cool, too.”

one of the flooring installers at Benson Stone Co.

Whale of a Job

“We just finished an incredible job in a house in Belvidere. I worked on seven total bathrooms, laying huge 2ft x 4ft floor tiles. And if you think that sounds big, we also installed massive 5ft x 10ft porcelain sheets of tile on the shower walls, along with linear drains and custom built-in shower niches. Just handling and coordinating tiles that size is a real challenge, and we also had to install them vertically on the walls. It took a whole team of guys to put each one of them up! That might be the biggest home project I’ve ever done. In the end, it looked phenomenal.  Very high-end, and the designer and the couple are super impressed. ”

Time Crunch

“We had a tight deadline on a job in Rochelle not long ago. The homeowner was having all of her furniture delivered, so we had to hustle to get the floors installed before the movers arrived. We did two bedrooms, two hallways, a great room, and a dining room. It normally would have been a five-day job, but we finished it in two: 15 hours the first day, 14 hours the second day. You should have seen us at the end of the second day. We were dog tired. But we got it done! It was absolutely flawless and she was so happy. Seeing that look on a customer’s face always makes it worth it for me.”

Wow! Shoutout to these flooring installers for sharing a few stories and, most of all, for their hard work and excellent craftsmanship. 

When you’re ready to upgrade your home with beautiful new flooring, you know who to talk to. Thanks for reading!