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The Art of the Home: Interview with a Furniture Designer

room designed by a furniture designer featuring white Rowe sofa, leather accent chair, green cabinet, and wood top coffee table

Our talented furniture designer Robert was recently interviewed for an interior design article in Northwest Quarterly magazine.

Please enjoy this Q&A from the interview! 

How does interior design make a difference in the home?

A well-organized interior design is crucial to your outlook and state of mind. Your home environment should evoke feelings of delight, comfort and satisfaction. I tell clients, “If you don’t love it, it’s not right.”

What pieces come to mind when you hear “interior design”?

Everything. It’s literally a work of art. 

Think of it as a painting. I worked with an interior designer in Los Angeles for 20 years – managing installations, receiving and placing rugs, furniture, staging bookshelves in home offices, setting up desks, setting up kitchens, hanging artwork, etc. It’s all important! 

What makes Benson Stone Company a great design destination?

You can coordinate, strategize, and execute an entire plan for your home environment in one place. We have experienced, knowledgeable people to help with every aspect of the process.

What design trends are you seeing lately?

Color palettes are trending toward greens and blues, shades of rose and, of course, creams and warm earth tones.

The most popular accessories for décor are things with a personal connection, things that relate to your heritage, ancestors or inspire your interests.

How do you help clients discover their personal style?

When helping someone discover their style, I ask how they live.  I listen to what their preferences are and then begin to suggest things that speak to that.  In this way, we begin to narrow down choices based on what they like, staying away from focusing on what they don’t like.  

What’s your top advice for folks who are ready to start redesigning their home?

  • Find a design professional who will listen to your preferences.
  • Talk to them about how you live and what is important to you.
  • Listen to your designer. They have access to many options you may not even have thought to consider!

Why are you passionate about helping your clients?

I’m an artist. I enjoy creating an environment for clients that best represents them and the way they live. Our personal environments should uplift us, inspire us to live and be better. Contributing to that excites me.

Designing your interior space should be enjoyable, exciting, and fun! And when you work with our staff, it will be. 

Your home is the foundation of your personal experience. Invest in it. Love it and it will nurture you.