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Boost Your Curb Appeal with These Landscape Tips

The days are getting longer, the birds are singing, and we’re throwing those windows open to let in the fresh spring air. 🌬️

Here are a few ideas from our landscape supply team to make the most of your yard and boost your curb appeal this season! 

home landscape with gravel around the plants

Block Those Weeds

We have gravel and mulch available for sale, and both are effective weed barriers. But when you’re comparing the two, note that gravel won’t rot or decompose, it won’t attract bugs, and it won’t float away in the rain. Once it’s in place, you’re done! 

We offer gravel and pebbles in about a dozen different styles, for just pennies per pound. Stop by to take a look! 

Create Dimension

Now here’s a way to add some serious style to your home landscape! Especially if your yard already has hills or slopes, retaining walls or steps will add a stately sense of structure and dimension. We can recommend some excellent landscapers to take care of the install for you! 

Host Al Fresco

If you love hosting and entertaining in the great outdoors, nothing beats an open air BBQ kitchen. We custom design and build these beauties for happy customers every year, complete with stone countertops, mini fridge, warming drawers, storage – you name it! 

Add Some Character

A paving brick driveway gives your home a unique charm. Not only are brick drives and walkways beautiful, they’re practical too. They’re skid, slip, and stain proof, and paving brick is also resistant to extreme weather. So in the long run, it’s much more cost-effective than concrete or asphalt, which are likely to crack and buckle over time. Just think – the oldest stone road in Rome was laid in 312BC, and it’s still used today!

Hardscaping installations like these will help to make your home just as beautiful and welcoming on the outside as it is inside.

Stop by to check out the huge variety of materials in our landscaping yards, or reach out to learn more. 

Happy spring!